Thistles Cut, Ironing Done


This small book is the result of a suggestion by my daughter-in-law, Jeanne, that I write some of my memories of my early years for our grandchildren. I am grateful for her nudging my mind into action, because I am the one who has benefited the most in "looking back".

A number of my cousins have voiced encouragement that made me keep searching for words to tell the story acceptably. Jeanette Sommers Ross and Adelaide Sommers Jahnke and Lila Krause Schmuhl enhanced my accounts with their personal recollections.

My husband, Howard, was quick to insert punctuation with his red pencil and to suggest revisions. He listened patiently again and again as I struggled with ideas. Our son, James, taught me to use the computer which made the work wonderfully easier. Other children bolstered my courage.

Our son-in-law, Peter von Buelow, gave invaluable help in translating the material into printed form.

I am indebted to Mrs. Henry A. Sommers of Cambria, Wisconsin for information from her booklet "Twigs of the Sommer Family Tree", published in 1966.

The words to "Let the Rest of the World Go By" by Brennan and Ball are reprinted from the 1919 edition published by M.W.& Sons.

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