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Jeanne has been my dear companion since 1970. She has a heart of gold and a will of steel. I'm an information-focused man and she's a people-focused woman, but we're learning to appreciate our personality and cultural differences.

Jeanne has always been very gifted at understanding people and she is enormously compassionate toward people who are suffering. She received her Masters degree in counseling from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary in 2001 and is now a professional counselor. She has worked in the counseling office at JAARS, the technical support organization for Wycliffe Bible Translators, and has a private practice, Wings of Eagles Counseling Services.

Jeanne David and Ben David and Stephen
Jeanne David and Ben David and Stephen

Jeanne and I have three adult sons:

Benjamin is more social than the rest of us. He is a phlebotomist and has worked as an emergency room technician. He enjoys Renaissance fairs and role playing games. He likes to read fantasy fiction, and watch action movies. Ben has done a lot of types of construction work, and particularly likes woodworking using old tools. He built himself a schnitzelbonk and does woodcarving. He listens to music all the time and loves singing. He has performed in school choruses and in a musical version of Pilgrim's Progress.

David is a creative writer. He has written a lot of poetry, several short fantasy novels, and a monster bestiary. Some of his work is on his web site. He loves to construct and play fantasy adventure games on the computer. He enjoys various aspects of music, especially Christian rock, and has earned a degree in music from Wingate University. David has given himself the name Asher, which means "happy." His dream is to find a job he'll enjoy and that will support him while he writes poetry and fiction.

Stephen is a literary sponge. He is an avid fan of classic drama—everything from Shakespeare to Alfred Hitchcock. He reads classic fiction as well. He is very practical and frugal. He is interested in social sciences and keeps up on current events. Like all of the family, he enjoys music, and his tastes are very eclectic.

My parents, Howard and Zona Justiss, have each written a book of memoirs; both of which are treasures to me. You can read my mother's book here. I have picked up some of my parents' interest in family history, and have begun researching Jeanne's and my family trees. I have built a web site, Virtual Caddo, for the descendants of my father's parents, and my ancestry on my father's side is on the Ancestry page there.

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